Kundenbewertungen bieten den Fahrschülern auf der Suche nach der für sie passende Fahrschule viele Vorteile. Fahrschüler haben die Möglichkeit, Vertrauen in die Fahrschule oder die Dienstleistung aufzubauen. Bewertungen geben ihnen Orientierung und führen sie zu dem für sie geeignete Fahrschule. Das ist der Grund weshalb wir unsere Fahrschüler für eine offene und ehrliche Meinung belohnen.

"I did a crash course at Drive & More. It was exhausting, but it works with such a great team. I am really enthusiastic about this driving school, really a great team, super competent and absolutely friendly. My driving instructor was Torsten, he is super nice, gives you a feeling of security, he explained everything to me very well, prepared me very well and took away my fears because I was very nervous. He stays very calm even if you asked the same thing 2 or 3 times or made a mistake. It was really fun. I would highly recommend this driving school."
Martina Pallus
"Great driving school. Not only was it great fun, but also learned a lot !! We will probably see each other again .."
Mirco Reuß
"Very nice and competent driving school, I can and will only recommend it. I received excellent advice when registering. I was allowed to complete my driving lessons with Thorsten and was very satisfied. Thorsten is the best "
SeMa _246
"I got my driver's license with Thorsten and was easy to make friends with Top teachers explain everything you need to know and put it into practice with you."
Thomas Anghelescu
"Karin and Thorsten gave me great training in every respect, they are two great driving instructors. I can 100% recommend D&M and especially the two of them as driving instructors to anyone who wants to get their driver's license."
Gunnar Borgmann
"Can only be recommended, I did the intensive course and got my driving license within 10 days. Friendly and helpful driving instructors and managers who can teach you how to drive excellently. Greetings to Burkhard"
"Very nice and competent driving school, I can only recommend it. When registering, I received excellent advice and my questions were answered nicely...I was able to complete my driving lessons with Karin and was extremely satisfied. I myself was very afraid of driving alone and she completely took away my fear and explained and showed me everything very well. In addition, you could have good jokes with her during the rides and, which was important to me, stay very calm if you make a mistake or ask questions more often. And an extra point for being quick So I can only recommend this driving school✅"
vivi xx
"I got my driving license class B here and can only recommend this driving school. All very nice and accommodating. I passed the theory with ease. I was allowed to learn the practical lessons with Torsten and I'm very happy about it. He prepared me well for the exam and I am very grateful that he was my driving instructor. He is really very competent and always explains everything really well. I can only recommend this driving school, you are in good hands here!"
Selina Fröse
"Great driving school. You learn a lot and quickly. Would do the courses again and again and recommend them to everyone. Am thrilled. Driving lessons with Karin were always entertaining. She can teach you a lot. Keep it up "
Fabian Mainz
"Lief alles perfekt. Wurde gut auf die Prüfung vorbereitet. Und Torsten ist der Beste. Sehr guter Fahrlehrer."
Levin 312